Ani: A Parody Musical
Book Matt Lang and Nick Lang
Music Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers
Choreography Katie Spelman
Cast Chris Allen, Joseph Walker, Denise Donovan, Brian Holden, Julia Albain, Eric Kahn Gale, Joe Moses, Meredith Stepien, and Nick Lang
Crew Ruby Summers, Jess Dumbroff, Sarah Petty, Julia Albain, Mark Swiderski, Sarah Petty, Jen Lang , and Teia Smith

Synopsis Edit

Ani: A Parody is a comedy-musical based off of the Star Wars franchise. The story follows Darth Vader- Ani Skywalker (portrayed by Chris Allen)- as he reflects on his life and tries to return to his one true love: pod racing. The tale begins on the Death Star and eventually migrates to the dessert planet of Tatooine just in time for the Boonta Eve- a famous pod race in which Anakin Skywalker canonically was the first human to win in the Star Wars franchise. Ani and his friends begin to train and prepare for the upcoming race. Vader is determined to take back his title as a pod-racing champion.

Performances Edit

Live Performances Edit

Ani: A Parody preformed along side The Trail to Oregon! in 2014 as a part of the Starkid Summer Season. Audience members were allowed to by tickets to both shows or choose one. The two shows ran for six weeks over the summer. The first production of Ani was on Thursday July 3, 2014 with the final show on Sunday August 10, 2014. There were a total of 22 performances of Ani during the Sumer Season. Each show took place on Stage 773 in Chicago, IL.

Youtube Performance Edit

Ani became available on youtube on October 31, 2014. It has over 300,000 views (as of 10/1/15.)

Cast Edit

Actor/Actress Character
Chris Allen Anakin "Ani" Skywalker
Joe Walker Moff Tarkin
Denise Donavan Mara Jade
Brian Holden Jar Jar "J.J." Binks/Admiral Motti/Bartender
Julia Albain Emily
Eric Kahn Gale Sebulba
Joe Moses Bobba "Bob" Fett/ Veers
Meredith Stepien Oola
Nick Lang Emperor "Pappy" Palpatine/ Obi-Wan Kenobi/Bib Fortuna

Music Edit

In Ani, Starkid went a different route of musical performance than they usual do. Starkid's musical numbers are typically performed and sung by the cast members. However, in Ani all the music was performed by a band off to the side of the stage. The music was performed by a band called Talkfine. Clark Baxtresser is lead vocals and lead keyboards of the band and has been involved with Starkid from a musical perspective since the 2009 production of Me and My Dick.

Musical Numbers Edit

Act I Edit

  • "Ani"
  • "Long Ago and Far Away"
  • "Strike Back"
  • "With My Own Eyes"

Act II Edit

  • "The Force (You Got It)"
  • "Haunted By The Kiss"
  • "One In a Million"
  • "Back On Top"

Band Members Edit

Name Instrument
Clark Baxtresser Keyboard 1/Vocals
Pierce Siebers Keyboard 2/Vocals
Max Evrard Keyboard 3/Vocals
Corey Richardson Guitar
Mason Cormie Bass
Nick Kabat Drums
Meredith Stepien Percussion/Backing Vocals


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