General Information Edit

An announcement about a new StarKid production titled "Firebringer," a new stone-age musical, was released through the YouTube video StarKid Announcement Stardate 1.1.16 AD. This video was published on January 1st, 2016. This video was also shared on Twitter and on Facebook , with the caption, "We'll be back at Stage 773 this summer with FireBringer and more!". Not much has been released yet about this upcoming project.

Description Edit

StarKid announces "Firebringer," a new, original musical comedy premiering this July in Chicago, IL (USA) as part of the "StarKid Summer Season 2016" (coming to YouTube on New Year's Day). More info about the 2016 StarKid Summer Season to come soon.

"Firebringer" is an original story that follows a tribe of prehistoric humans as they struggle to survive the stone age. On top of the harsh conditions, hostile neighboring tribes, and complete lack of understanding in the world around them, the gang lives in fear of the ultimate, deadly predator, Snarl. When one misfit member of the tribe sets out to change things, she stumbles upon the greatest discovery in human history. Using this mysterious and dangerous new force, she'll rise from omega to alpha and become... the Firebringer.

Cast Edit

Lauren Lopez - Zazzalil

Meredith Stepien - Jemilla

Rachael Soglin - Emberly

Denise Donovan - Keeri

Jaime Lyn Beatty - Shwoopsie (orginally announced as Sahra)

Joey Richter - Grunt

Brian Holden - Smelly-Balls

Lauren Walker - Molag (orginally announced as Kahlo)

Jamie K. Burns - Chorn (orginally announced as Sheena)

Joe Walker - Ducker

Tiffany Williams - Tiblyn

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