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The song was sung by Taz and the rest of the Starship Rangers to Commander Up to help build his confidence and try to bring him back as the fearless leader he was before his accident.



You say you've lost your edge

Well I say it's all in your head

So, listen up! I gotta message for you.

You got something of a dry spell

But you taught me everything that I know

So why not let me teach a thing or two

You're a total badass,

At the top of your class

Now you're tellin me you have your doubts?

Well I'm not about to let

A ranger forget

What bein' a ranger is all about

We're here to get the job the done

It doesn't matter if it's tough or it's fun

We don't hide and we don't run away


We're here to get the job done

We'll do it better than anyone

And if we ever feel like we've gone astray

Then, we gotta get up, gotta get back, get back up!

So ya gotta get up, gotta get back-- get back up!

I know you've seen the rough times

Hell, I've seen this to

But I ain't seen anyone

Face 'em half as well as you

This is no time to worry

This is no time for fuss

I know just how great you are

And I think I speak for all of us

"Okay idiotas, say something nice or I will kill you."

Specs: (spoken)

You're the coolest dude around

Tootsie: (spoken)

You've never let me down


Take a good look in the mirror [threatens Krayonder with a knife]

Krayonder: (spoken)

Uhh... You're an awesome guy!


And the reason why


Every one of us is here


I'm here to get the job the done!

I'm a beautiful son of a gun

And I'm the only one who can make it through


[that's true, that's what ya gotta do]


We're here to get the job done

It doesn't matter-- small or a ton

When we're down, and there's none that we can do


We gotta get up, gotta get back, get back up!


I gotta get up, gotta get back, get back up!


We gotta get up, gotta get back, get back up!

We gotta get up, gotta get back get back get back


Get back, I'm gonna get


Get back up!

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