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Jeff Blim
Hometown Mt Prospect, Illinois
Position Actor
Roles Aladdin (Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier)
Father (The Trail To Oregon!)
Sweet Tooth (Holy Musical B@man!)
Social Media

Jeff Blim was born in Mt Prospect, Illinois, he is now at the fully grown height of 5'9. Jeff Blim is an amazingly gifted actor, singer and dancer. He portrays the main villain Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical B@man, who is portrayed as gleefully insane and evil. Jeff has also played as Aladdin in Twisted

Jeff Blim was cast as the insane villain, Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical B@man. And as he says, 'You can call me Sweet Tooth, and as you can see I'm a lot tastier,'. He also stated in an interview with FyeahJeffBlim that he has known Starkid since college.

Recently he has shown more than just his acting, singing, and dancing talent. Starkid's recent musical, "The Trail To Oregon," was co-written by Blim and he wrote the music and lyrics, as well as star in the musical as the Father of a family going to Oregon. He also has a sax solo!


Holy Musical B@man! Sweet Tooth, Aquaman, Joe Chill
A Very Potter Senior Year Aragog

The Trail To Oregon



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