Starship (Original Soundtrack)
Starship (Original Soundtrack)
StarKid Company
Released April 30th, 2011
Label StarKid Productions
Starship Act 1 Part 910:48

Starship Act 1 Part 9

Starship Act 1 Part 9, in which Pincer and Bug sing "Kick It Up a Notch".

"Kick It Up a Notch" is a song from Starship sung by the characters Bug (Joey Richter), Pincer (Dylan Saunders) and the Mosquito Brothers (Brian Holden, Jaime-Lyn Beatty and Jim Povolo). It is the fifth track on the soundtrack album.

The song was also performed on The Space Tour by most of the original performers (Joseph Walker sung Jim Povolo's part during the live shows) and appears on the album and DVD.


Pincer: Scales and exoskeletons

Why, they pale in comparison

To a body that is covered up by skin

We get rid of those antennae

Give you hair, and clothes and then I

Add two eyes and a nose and my boy, that is only

The beginning

Pincer: You've gotta

Kick it up a notch

If you're ever gonna reach your goal

You can't sit around and watch

Your destiny is in your control

Go 'head and kick it up a notch

If your life is at a level too low

There's no attempt that you can botch

When all you gotta do is just give it a go

But then again what do I know?

What I see right there is a prisoner

Who's sitting on top of the key

So kick it up a notch

If you ever wanna be free

Mosquito Brothers: All you gotta do is

Kick it up a notch

To dig yourself outta this hole

You wanna have the things they got?

Then you gotta give that dice a roll

Neato: Kick it up a notch

What's the point of less when there's more?

Sweetheart: Have a cigar

Veeto: A glass of scotch

When opportunity knocks at your door

You let him in

Mosquito Brothers: And then ya settle the score

Pincer: Life is short so

Before it's over

Pincer and Mosquito Brothers: Take a chance and think it through

Pincer: You'd better kick it up a notch

It's the human thing to do

It's a big, big, universe

So many dimensions and unanswered questions

Not to mention, life

What an invention, life

There's no choice involved in what you are given

One mind, one voice, one body to live in


You wanna be a Starship Ranger

Or is that a dream that you forgot?

You wanna be a Starship Ranger

Well, this might be your one and only shot

Bug: I... I...

I think I'll kick it up a notch

I don't care about the queen or the hive

Pincer: That's the spirit! Kick 'em all straight in the crotch! How about that?

Bug and Pincer: Who are they to deprive us of wanting to

Pincer: (Bug:) Kick it up a notch (I'm gonna be a Starship Ranger!)

Never give yourself a reason to doubt

You gotta strike it while it's hot (I'm gonna be a Starship Ranger!)

'Cause that's what living is all about

My dear Bug, it's time the lights went out! (I'm gonna be a Starship Ranger!)

Pincer: Kick it up a notch

Oh, my plan is all about to unfold

Let's put a twist into this plot

Bug, go forth, do everything that I've told ya

Pincer and Mosquito Brothers: When we kick it up a notch

Mosquito Brothers: It's blood for us!

Pincer: And brains for me!

I'm gonna let this little snot

Be everything he's wanted to be

But only because I know he'll actually

Feed my hunger for flesh

I want it warm and fresh

Pincer and Mosquito Brothers: Oh Pincer, you're in for a treat

Pincer: Let's kick it up a notch

Mosquito Brothers: Kick it up a notch

Pincer: So at last, I'll have human meat!

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