The opening song in the musical of the same name.


Joey: I wake up in the morning and it's nothing new

Run through my mind forever, still I just want you

You're all I want, you're all I need. My love for you just grows the way you do when I love you.

I wanna hold you all night long and cuddle 'til we're blue. I'll hold you in a tight embrace. I know it seems taboo.

But I have to have you with me now. I have to have you quick. I love you more than anything. My dick!

Dick: (Joey):

I like being with you

(I like being with you)

And you like being with me

(You like being with me)

Both: We're just the best of friends as anyone can see. 

People say it's quite unlikely the two of us should stick. But I just tell 'em "Hey, It's me and my dick!"

Joey: (Dick):

We'll stick together

(We'll stick together)

Fight through thick and thin

(Fight through thick and thin)

Both: If we stay side by side, there's no way we can't win.

Joey: (Dick):

Any girl that's out there 

(Any girl that's out there)

Any girl at all

(Any girl at all)

Both: When she gets going with us, she's sure to have a ball!

Dick: (Spoken): Hey! Watch out with that joke. It's an antique!

Both: People say, "How do you do it? How can you be so slick?"

But I just tell 'em, "Hey! It's me and my dick!"

Joey: (Dick): Yeah, there she is

(Oh, I see her)

Leaning on her locker with those big brown eyes

And she's taking off her shirt and her pants

(Yeah, keep going!)

And we're doing a sexy-time dance

She's running her hands

Down my underpants

Both: Buddy, this is our chance!

Sally: (Spoken): Joey!

Both: People say it's quite unlikely the two of us should stick!

But I just tell 'em, "Hey!"

Joey: (Dick):

It's me and my dick!

(I like being with you)

It's me and my dick

(We'll stick together)

It's me and my dick

Dick: (Spoken): Hey, man...

Both: It's me and my dick!

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