Portrayed by

Meredith Stepien



Songs participated in

'The Way I Do'



Mega-Girl is a robot as well as a starship ranger. Mega-Girl is the subject of Tootise Noodles' affections, but she doesn't understand his love. She has a strong desire to destroy all humans even though her inhibitor chip prevents it. When her chip is removed all the feeling she had for Tootsie were erased, but when he said he loved her she remembered her love for him and dowloaded the emotion program for love off of the Internet.


  • She doesn't tire
  • She doesn't require food
  • She has radar sensors to "watch her back"
  • Her 'hair' is made of sythetic sensors that detect temperature, movement, and barometric pressure
  • Her fists can become a gun or a taser-like weapon

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