The Trail To Oregon! is the story of a pioneer family and their journey to Oregon in the style of the Oregon Trail video game.

TTO! was written and directed by Nick Lang, with music and lyrics by Jeff Blim, additional writing by Brian Holden and additional music by Drew DeFour. The show was also based around a book by Jeff Blim and Nick and Matt Lang. It features dance choreography by Katie Spelman, set design by Jen Lang and Teia Smith, costumes by Nick Lang, lighting design by Sarah Petty and sound design by Mark Swiderski.

The show ran from July 3rd to August 10th 2014 with 24 performances. It was done on Stage 773 in Chicago, Illinios.

The recorded show premiered on YouTube on February 13th, 2015. The album was released the same day on iTunes.

The Trail To Oregon! holds the record for the smallest cast in a full StarKid show at six actors-

  1. Jeff Blim (Father)
  2. Rachael Soglin (Mother)
  3. Jaime Lyn Beatty (Daughter)
  4. Lauren Lopez (Son)
  5. Corey Dorris (Grandpa and Cletus Jones)
  6. Joey Richter (McDoon, Everyone else)

-All members of the cast also filled minor ensemble roles throughout-

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